Caustic Course of Presidential Hopefuls One Line Item at a Time

Fast Food or Casual Dining Politics Served Up Daily.

Over the Hill. We are So Over the Hill.

What the Pope got right.
Correction: He didn't say, "like rabbits." He said, "Like rabbis."

Hello My Name is Jeb Bush and I'll be Your President This Evening.

All right, I'm HRC, Put Your Fat Fuckin' Ass In a Seat.

Hi, Chris here, Hey, where'd everybody went?

No tipping, please. I'm Lizzie Warren, and I'll just put this tomahawk on the table while we wait for a decent minimum wage.

You're telling me I could be Brad Pitt, Charlie Bronson and Christopher Reeve rolled into one and just because I happen to be a Mormon, I can't win?

Down Texas Way They Call Me Professor Perry. Let's face it we seen what brains can do these last several years. I say give Pecos a Chance.

I Heart Huckabees, and Jay Z and Sister Souljah and really any Christian: Man Woman or Trans. You want Guns and Gravy with those Fries?

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and Scott Walker walk into the bar. They see Al Sharpton dancing with the Pizza Godfather's Goddaughter while Bill de Blasio tries to talk the off duty NYPD bouncer into checking the ID of some stockbroker whiz kid type (aka white) who may not be 35 and may have Koch with his Rum and Coke and Coke.